Krish Khadka

Meet our CEO, Krish Khadka, a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience. Holding degrees in BIT and Mass Media Communication, Krish excels in crafting business growth and marketing strategies. With a rich background in finance and innovation, he’s not just a leader but a visionary. Krish has actively contributed to web3 projects, particularly in digital marketing and dApps growth strategy. His leadership extends beyond, having served as the former Chairman of Nxtech Digital.

Krish Khadka is a highly educated professional with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology (BIT) and Mass Media Communication. This dual educational background equips him with a comprehensive understanding of both the technical and communicative aspects crucial in the dynamic field of digital marketing and technology. Krish's academic foundation, combined with over 10 years of practical experience, positions him as a well-rounded leader at the forefront of our team
Krish Khadka brings over a decade of expertise to the table. With a solid foundation in Information Technology and Mass Media Communication, he has successfully led businesses, formulated growth strategies, and contributed to innovative projects in the realm of web3, digital marketing, and dApps. Krish's dynamic experience and leadership make him a driving force behind our success.

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